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The Time Is Now!

God’s Love Redeems

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My Gospel-Salvation Story


I was born in Great Lakes, Naval Base, IL, into a military family that was not Christian. We moved to a different port of call each year for 3 1/2 years.


For the first 4 yrs of my life, I witnessed a tremendous amount of anger, hatred, hostility, and resentment between my parents. I witnessed my mother pulling a butcher’s knife on my father claiming she was going to kill him. My parents divorced when I was 4 yrs old. My mother remarried the same year. From the age of 4 to 12 I was being sexually abused by my step-father and a family friend on separate occasions. I was mentally & verbally abused by adult authority figures. There were parties I was subjected to.

At age 8, I felt the LORD tug at my heart. I was invited to Sunday School/Church. Not understanding, I was confused. I was a mean kid and my babysitter had a hard time handling me. I would beat the kids up, being a bully. At 12, my parents decided to move across the country. So, they sold our home and the vehicles. After moving into our new home I told my step-father he had to stop the abuse. He switched from sexual abuse to physical abuse. The abuse from the family friend stopped on its own because of the move. I started attending church. It was an escape from the abusive environment. I was rebellious. I was depressed. At the age of 14, I accepted Christ as my Savior. However, I was still looking for love and validation. I hung out with all kinds of people looking for love. At the age of 16, I became sexually active. I graduated from high school and moved away from home. I found myself pregnant out of wedlock. Then, marrying the father of my child at the age of 18, having my baby at age 19. I was married for 15 years, being mentally abused, even raped on several occasions by my then-husband. My daughter was a major handful.

After 34 years of abuse [18 growing up and 15 in my 1st marriage], I was desperate to escape. Because of a little help from my daughter using my Instant Messenger online while I was at work; I met Paul, my current husband, online in December 1997. Getting to know him for 6 months online and via some phone calls. I finally made my break on Friday, May 8th, 1998. I fled desperately to begin a new life. I went to Seattle where I connected with Paul.

I decided not to bring my daughter along because I had no idea what my fate would be by fleeing. I did not want to put her life in danger. Also, I didn’t realize that I was carrying mental baggage along. I went through a divorce with my husband.

Then, Paul and I got married on February 13th, 1999. I continued to struggle with the negative feedback loop for the next 14 years. For several years I sought counsel to overcome this. Somehow, it didn’t seem to be helping. I didn’t realize the seriousness of my sinful state until 2009. I was in misery. My marriage of 10 years felt like it was ending and my life too. I had hit rock bottom. I felt like my life had no purpose or hope.


In 2005, I was diagnosed with FMS (Fibromyalgia). I was living a victim’s life. Late one night in August 2009 God miraculously healed my FMS, our marriage, and gave me new purpose and hope. Everything changed that night. I was a caged bird set free! For several months we attended counseling with a Christian Counselor who shed light on things. For as long as I could remember I felt that I was a Child of God. In 2010, I hit another low point with a motorcycle accident. For the next 1 1/2 years I struggled.


Finally, I was recovering. But, something else was amiss… From 2011-2012 I struggled with different health issues that seemed mysterious to me. God pointed out to me that I needed to make changes in some vitamins/minerals/herbals I was taking because my body wasn’t healing properly. So, I made those changes. During that year, Paul had become disenchanted with me and our marriage… God also pointed this out to me. In November 2012, Paul and I started working out and I began a mind transformation process. God used this to do some amazing things in our marriage and bring us back together. Since October 2012 God has been working on changing my negative to positive. HE has been growing our marriage closer. HE’S doing amazing things in our lives. HE recovered me and I have a repaired faith in HIM.

He has called me to ministry and He gave me this ministry: Trinity Digital Ministry!

God loves me so much that He fought for me.

Romans Road to Salvation

Today's Word - Romans Road to Salvation imageIn the book of John Jesus and Nicodemus had a whole conversation about being born again.

Nicodemus even questioned about entering his mother’s womb again because he was confused about being born again.

Then, Jesus so lovingly explained to Nicodemus that it wasn’t a physical rebirth, but a spiritual rebirth.

That means because humans are wretched and wicked hearted because of the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden at the time of the Creation:

  1. You must be born of the Spirit and of water.
  2. That means the next thing to do is, vocally expressing that you believe and accept Jesus as your Savior.
  3. However, to move forward with your being born again, you must sincerely repent of (turn away and not go back to) all sin in your life.
  4. Also, by profession of your faith, being baptized with immersion in water.
  5. Living a life reflecting Jesus Christ.
    1. So, you would then need to find a Bible believing, preaching, and teaching church family to be a part of to help you grow in our faith.
  6. At some point, it would be good to grown enough (spiritually maturing) in your faith to the point that you also share the gospel (basically, what I’m doing here, in a way) to lead others to the saving grace of Jesus as their Savior.

The scripture image is the Romans Road to Salvation, which is used widely by many Christians to help a person become saved and reborn.

Where do you stand? I’ve left this post sparse on purpose. It’s meant to cause you to question your faith as well as to ask questions to get clarity and if you’re not born again, to hopefully lead you to be born again.

Here’s a way to contact me:

Eve Received the Divine Prophecy of the Cross

eve-serpent-eden image

Eve Was the First to Receive the Divine Prophecy of the Cross

Eve was the first sinner and saw the fruit of her sin as she stood at the world’s first grave and buried her dead son. After confessing her sin she heard the Lord say to that serpent, the devil, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” (Genesis 3:15). With this first promise of the Redeemer, there started the wicked path of life ending at the cross where Jesus Christ, born of a woman, presented a satisfying victory over sin and Satan.

Through a woman, God’s just universe was ruined and became “a world of sinners lost, and ruined by the fall.” Now, through a woman, a perfect salvation has been given for a sinful people. Through Eve’s sin, death came into the world, but at the cross, both sin and death were defeated, through “dying, death He murdered.” When Jesus cried, “It is finished,” He meant that the serpent’s head, symbolizing power and authority, had been bruised. He defeated all satanic principalities and powers that Eve’s sin brought into the world, and put them under His feet.

Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

As we leave our reflection upon the world’s first woman, first wife, first sinner, first mother, and first mourner, there are one or two lessons to be gleaned from Eve’s story. For instance,

  • “many daughters of Eve have learned that the serpent is never more dangerous than when he claims to be the sincere supporter interested in nothing but her progress and happiness.”

What a shrewd, wicked impostor Satan is. How naive so many are – of his tricks! Besides,

  • any temptation is a common occurrence, and each of us should learn from the first person on earth to be tempted, its way of reaching and continuous actions, and protect ourselves from a fall through the benefit of Jesus Christ’s own victory over the enemy.

There is no sin in being tempted. We only sin when we give way to temptation. Refusing to give way to the attraction of sin, our Garden of Eden awaits perfect.

  • At the heart of Eve’s wretched story, however, is the good lesson that a woman has the power of burden or blessing over a man’s life. If she falls, man falls with her.

Paul said, “in Adam, we die- in Christ, we are made alive.”

In asking loyalty to Christ, Paul relates Eve to represent the quickness that one is wicked (see 1 Timothy 2:12-14).

So, there you have it. The Biblical account of Eve.

How can you relate to Eve’s story? Comment, let’s interact.

Next week: we’ll be talking about, Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist.

His Gift: Good Works Through Salvation by His Grace

Ephesians 2:8-10 image
We were made to do His Good Work. His Gift of salvation makes us who we are.

We are unable in and of ourselves to save ourselves. There’s not one iota we can do to save ourselves.

Because of our salvation, we do good works. We do it because we want to; not because we have to. We hunger for it!

How does that look in your life? Comment, let’s chat about it.

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Eternal Fulfillment

Ecclesiastes 1 image

The test to us who live in this life of greed and materialism is not to pursue real advantage in earthly things and convenient lifestyles, but to focus on the things that are above (Since you were raised from the dead with Christ, aim at what is in heaven, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. Col. 3:1).

We will gain our fulfillment only in Yahweh.

Where do you find yourself today? What are your thoughts on greed and materialism? Comment and let’s chat and interact. I’d like to hear your feedback.

Me? There was a time in my past where I was caught up in materialism and was somewhat of a hoarder. Yahweh changed all of that. He helped me see “the light” and changed my heart.

It’s your turn! GO!

Made Complete By The Spirit

Song of Songs 6_11-13 image

In quiet and in thought the Christian character is formed and perfected. But not in the quiet of the still, the self-gratification, or the pretender. When the Christian is freed from the removal of his responsibilities in life, the world has no draw for Him. His prayer is, that all matters relating to the Spirit can live and grow in Him, and surrounded by Him.

So are the fascinating interests and pursuits of him who the world unfairly assumes unhappy, and ignored his true interests. In obedience and meekness, the humble Christian chooses to turn away from the view of all; yet the Lord takes pleasure in honoring him.

Mainly, though, may the source be the administering angels who will be sent for the soul of the Christian. Their coming may alarm, though the leaving soul will find the Lord its power and its share forever.

The church is named the Shulamite: the word implies fulfillment and peace; not in herself, but in Christ, such that she is complete, through his honor; and has contentment, that he made for her by his blood, and gives to her by his Spirit.

Amazing! Because of Christ’s gift of salvation we’ve been made complete, we choose to live our lives in Him, for Him, and be content in doing so.

Comment how Yahweh has blessed your life. Let us know. We want to celebrate HIM with you. Praise Yahweh.


Believer’s Elegance and Honor

Song_of_Songs_4-7 image

Christ is with us in His Spirit.

Believers being made right through the Salvation of Christ makes her beautiful with spiritual grace, even though her thoughts and actions aren’t always pure, she shows a heart that’s being fed by and growing in the Word of Yahweh.

How awesome is that? Yahweh thinks we (believers) are beautiful even when we mess up, because of Christ’s salvation to wash us clean. The Savior, Christ, is our Mediator and Comforter.

Comment your experience with Christ as your Savior, Mediator, and Comforter. How has it shown up in your life?

To read all of chapter 4 text you can go here. It’s not long. It’s the embellished version of v. 7.

Out of the Wilderness

Song_of_Songs_3_6-7_11 image

Wow! What a visual. Read the full text of scripture here. It includes 3 more verses that say more about Solomon, his bodyguards, and his carriage.

Here’s an example of the carriage:

palanquin image
This obviously isn’t exactly like King Solomon’s. However, this is the style scripture speaks of. In India, it is called: a palanquin.

Now, today’s word:

The wilderness is symbolic of the world; the believer emerges from it when he is freed from the love of its sinful desires and amusement, and objects to its rules and ways, to search for joy in fellowship with the Saviour, Jesus. A poor soul will spring up, at last, under the direction of the Yahweh; like a fog of incense rising up from the altar or the smoke of the burnt-offerings. This implies sacred and faithful friendship and the soaring of the soul toward heaven.

The believer is filled with the graces of God’s Spirit; his faithfulness is now very excited. These blessings and encouragements are of the divine “Promised Land”. He, who is the Peace of his people, the King of the city of Yahweh, has given safe passage for his redeemed from the wilderness of this world.

The platform, or man-powered carriage, was made for rest and easy transport, but its glamor and elegance showed the quality of its owner. It was very elegant and glamorous. Unlike the image above.

The church is totally guarded; large amounts of people are with her than are against her: believers when they rest in Christ, and with Him, but they have their troubles, are still safe. The carriage here implies the covenant of salvation, the way of our salvation. This is the work of Christ, that makes Him loved and honored in the eyes of believers. It’s created and built, both for the glory of Christ and for the well-being of believers; it is wholly fixed in all things and secure. Salvation is final!

The blood of the covenant, that deep purple, is the cover of this carriage, so the believers are protected from Yahweh’s wrath, and the difficulties of this world, but the heart of it is that the love of Christ that outdoes knowledge, this is for believers to have peace. Christ, in His gospel, reveals himself. The believer must stay in the Word, and be completely obedient to Christ.

Pay particular attention to His crown. Associating this to Christ, it speaks of the honor placed on Him, and His power and authority.

This is most awesome and excellent! Praise You, Jesus, Yahweh, for Your gift of salvation and our Eternal home with You. He loves us without condition! Nothing we’ve done is so bad that He won’t love us. Just come to Him! He’s waiting for you.

Where’s your eternal home? Have you accepted Christ as your savior? Comment and bless others as well as yourself.

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