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The Good News: God’s Promise Prt 8

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  • What is going on in these verses?
    • Paul wrote to the church in Rome to present his basic statement of the gospel: God’s plan of salvation for all peoples, Jew and Gentile alike.
    • Paul had three objectives in writing this letter:
      • 1 – to teach the fundamental doctrine of salvation to fortify believers against their enemies;
      • 2 – to explain the unbelief of Israel and vindicate the faithfulness of God in his dealings with Israel; and
      • 3 – to give practical instruction concerning Christian living in the society of his day.
    • Paul communicates the details of how a person is redeemed, transformed, sealed, and sanctified for that day when we will all stand before the Lord. It explains that salvation is received by grace through faith.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • I am not Jewish. Therefore, essentially, a Gentile. But, salvation is offered to everyone who will believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world.
    • This scripture in the book of Romans is a great handbook and guide of instructions on sharing God’s plan of salvation. I can use it to help in sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus. The book of Romans is a great practical guide for Christian living.
    • There is this famous guide people like to use: “Roman’s Road to Salvation”, to help guide people through God’s Plan of salvation.
      • I’ve actually created a road of sorts through the scriptures by putting the 1st scripture piece at the beginning of my bible, then the next one at that point leading to each bit of scripture. It’s handy.
      • I also have an app on my mobile phone that is specifically Roman’s Road; in case I do not have my hard copy Bible in hand.
    • I need to totally trust God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus to lead me through this…
      • As a previous devotional blog post talked about the Holy Spirit speaks, not me. Just let Him do it!

Do you need prayer? Contact me below and I’ll pray and ask the prayer warrior team to pray also.

Prayer: Thank You, God, for the gift of Salvation. I also thank You for all Your promises and blessings. Lead me, show me, use me for Your grand plan. I pray this for all Your children, Father God. In Jesus’ name, amen.