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at Jesus' feet

You Are Worth More!

Matthew 6:25-27 Scripture image

  • What is happening in these verses?
    • Author: Matthew; also called Levi.
    • Timeline: Early church period after Christ’s resurrection; between AD 50 and 70.
    • Audience: at the time this gospel was written; Greek-speaking Jewish Christians.
    • The birds don’t worry about what the future holds.
      • Anxious worry shows a lack of trust in God’s knowledge and His care for us.
    • Nature tells us that God even cares for birds and flowers. Those with a special relationship with God shouldn’t worry, as a result, about our supplying of needs, now or in the future, but seek to please God first by seeking, as precedence, His kingdom, and His righteousness.
      • This is not to encourage laziness but to underline the need for faith and trust.
    • Jesus taught that worry is unproductive. Worry keeps us from fulfilling the kingdom purposes that He has called us to. God uses all situations to accomplish His purposes, and He wants us to trust Him in that.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • God wants us to know that we are of utmost value to Him, so we can trust Him for the basic needs of life and shouldn’t be excessively bothered with it. We should grow our sensibility of values so that the focus of our lives is on our spiritual needs and growth, not material things. As God proclaimed us of utmost value by sending His Son to redeem us, we need to devote ourselves to seeking what is of the utmost value – God the Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit.
    • When panic rears its ugly head, the way to overcome worry is by seeking Jesus.
    • Worry is illogical for the child of God. If God is the Creator of everything in the world, including us, then He will also provide for our needs. Faith calls for trust in a loving and personal God at work in the world. Worry shows a lack of trust. Jesus’ teaching in no way ignores the reality of sickness and struggle in life. However, Jesus’ clear teaching is to trust God above all else. If God faithfully provides for the needs of simple critters like birds, how much more will He provide for us as His children?
    • A lot of times we think our fears and worry are perfectly valid, but Jesus said differently. Jesus couldn’t be any more clear in this scripture. He doesn’t want us to fear or worry about the future.
      • Anxiety is living out the future before it gets here. Jesus said anxiety is paralyzing and draining and called us to focus on what we can confidently know about the will of God. He understood that the issue of panic and anxiety goes to the core of our relationship with God.
      • Chronic worry signals a nonfunctional faith. Worry and worship cannot exist at the same in our hearts. God demands to be the priority in our lives.
    • God is in control and doesn’t need our frenzied worrying to maintain the world. We don’t have to be in charge because we serve a God who is in control of everything. We can be confident that He will carry His kingdom purpose on to its conclusion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).
      • We demonstrate that assurance when we choose to make the most of the chances we are given, focusing on Him instead of the worries of the world.
    • Living in wisdom means taking every chance to glorify God and show the gospel to those around us. When we determine to live in the light of Jesus, we select to seek Jesus above everything else.
      • Part of why we do this is so our lives will testify to others about God’s grace, mercy, and love.

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Fruit on the vine image

The True Vine Produces Good Fruit

  • What is going on in these verses?
    • John authored this book. His style was different from the other gospel authors. He contemplated the profound meaning of what Jesus had said and done. John highlights Jesus’ nature. John’s book tells the story of the eternal Word who became flesh and lived with humans.
    • The Gospel of John spells out so plainly the basics of the Christian faith. Jesus proves who He is, diagnoses human problems, and forcefully describes what is necessary for transformation to eternal life.
    • Like other places in this Gospel, “true” means “genuine.” No branch that is Jesus’ can be completely fruitless. But branches that belong to Jesus will bear fruit and go through the pruning necessary to grow and multiply. The “fruit” refers to a Christ-like life produced by the Holy Spirit (Galatians. 5:22-23).
    • Jesus stresses endlessness and loyalty in His relationship with the disciples. “Abide” [same as to remain in] is repeated ten times in vv. 4–10. The figure of speech of the vine renders the point; it’s only when nutrients flow freely to the branches that fruit can come about.
    • The works (producing much fruit) talked about are the result of a saving union with Jesus received through grace, not merit.
    • His command to love each other is repeated three times in this gospel (v. 1213:34). He means business. Three is an important number to God.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • I contemplate my life… Is it fruitful? If I take a look at Galatians 5:22-23 and see that the fruit of the spirit are these:
      • love
      • joy
      • peace
      • patience (longsuffering)
      • kindness
      • goodness
      • faithfulness
      • gentleness, and
      • self-control
    • As far as I know, these are the fruit I exhibit. I may slip from time to time and lose patience, etc. I quickly recover, however.
    • The main way to be and remain fruitful is to be in the Word and communicate with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Pray. Have fellowship with like-minded believers. Take part in being God’s hands and feet (being about His business) when occasions arise.
    • I believe love is the main and important fruit. God’s love is mentioned through His Word. When we love (it’s an action word; a verb) people; everything else falls into place.

“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” – Coretta Scott King

“When we enter into intimate communion with God, He converts hate into love, anger into peace, and fear into courage.”  – Sammy Tippit

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aaron burden unsplash image

You Choose Your Master!

  • What do you see going on in the verses?
    • Matthew authored this book. The audience is Greek-speaking Jewish Christians during the time after Christ’s resurrection; between AD 50 and 70. 
    • Attitude toward wealth should be such that we aren’t seeking to live to gain money. Our heart is where our treasure is, and that should be in spiritual things. Every material thing is subject to decay or loss. Christians must be single-minded in serving God and not ‘mammon’ (mammon is used in some translations). Mammon stands for being dominated by money and materialistic worldly riches. Mammon is a Syriac word, that signifies gain; so that whatever in this world is, or is accounted by us to be, gain (Philippians. 3:7), is mammon.
      • We must not count these things as the best things.
      • We must not call them glory.
      • We must not covet an abundance of these things.
      • We must not confide in them for time to come.
      • We must not say to the gold, You are my hope.
      • We must not content ourselves with them, as all we need or desire:
        • – We must be content with a little for our journey, but not with all for our share.
    • Jesus urges us not to value possessions enough to seek them. Jesus’ words hit at the core of human selfishness, challenging both the well-to-do and the poor.
    • We must watch carefully for hypocrisy and worldly-mindedness in choosing the master we serve.

But if you refuse to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

“Christ designs not to deprive us of our treasure, but to direct us in the choice of it.” -Matthew Henry
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • Wow! As it says above, “Jesus’ words hit at the core of human selfishness.” My humanness makes it very hard to stick with serving only one master. In not choosing to serve only one, I find myself splitting and fracturing trying to do the splits with one foot in Eternity with Jesus and one foot in the World. However, the more I focus on God and His word the less I’m looking longingly at the world and the things in it. I long more for Heaven with my Triune God.
    • In all honesty, I’m not really materialistic. I only want things that I truly need to survive.
    • This is also talking about my spiritual health, not just my physical. So, my goals and aim are to stay in God’s word and seek Him always, not the world. It has nothing of value to be worthy for me to gain it.
    • The world/earth or only temporary. When it is gone, Heaven is the only answer.

Prayer: Thank You, Father God, for showing the true value of gaining heaven in eternity instead of the world and its “stuff”. I pray that all Your children will see and accept You and heaven for eternity. I lift up the ill and pray for well-being and peace of mind. I pray that we would all trust and obey You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

roman's road image

The Good News: God’s Promise Prt 8

Romans 1_1-5 scripture image

  • What is going on in these verses?
    • Paul wrote to the church in Rome to present his basic statement of the gospel: God’s plan of salvation for all peoples, Jew and Gentile alike.
    • Paul had three objectives in writing this letter:
      • 1 – to teach the fundamental doctrine of salvation to fortify believers against their enemies;
      • 2 – to explain the unbelief of Israel and vindicate the faithfulness of God in his dealings with Israel; and
      • 3 – to give practical instruction concerning Christian living in the society of his day.
    • Paul communicates the details of how a person is redeemed, transformed, sealed, and sanctified for that day when we will all stand before the Lord. It explains that salvation is received by grace through faith.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • I am not Jewish. Therefore, essentially, a Gentile. But, salvation is offered to everyone who will believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world.
    • This scripture in the book of Romans is a great handbook and guide of instructions on sharing God’s plan of salvation. I can use it to help in sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus. The book of Romans is a great practical guide for Christian living.
    • There is this famous guide people like to use: “Roman’s Road to Salvation”, to help guide people through God’s Plan of salvation.
      • I’ve actually created a road of sorts through the scriptures by putting the 1st scripture piece at the beginning of my bible, then the next one at that point leading to each bit of scripture. It’s handy.
      • I also have an app on my mobile phone that is specifically Roman’s Road; in case I do not have my hard copy Bible in hand.
    • I need to totally trust God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus to lead me through this…
      • As a previous devotional blog post talked about the Holy Spirit speaks, not me. Just let Him do it!

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Prayer: Thank You, God, for the gift of Salvation. I also thank You for all Your promises and blessings. Lead me, show me, use me for Your grand plan. I pray this for all Your children, Father God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

ze zorzan unsplash image

Foot Washing

Photo by Zé Zorzan on Unsplash

Passion Week Day 4

John 13:1-17
Before the Passover celebration, Jesus knew that his hour had come to leave this world and return to his Father. He had loved his disciples during his ministry on earth, and now he loved them to the very end. It was time for supper, and the devil had already prompted Judas, son of Simon Iscariot, to betray Jesus. Jesus knew that the Father had given him authority over everything and that he had come from God and would return to God. So he got up from the table, took off his robe, wrapped a towel around his waist, and poured water into a basin. Then he began to wash the disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel he had around him.

When Jesus came to Simon Peter, Peter said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?” Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.” “No,” Peter protested, “you will never ever wash my feet!” Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.” Simon Peter exclaimed, “Then wash my hands and head as well, Lord, not just my feet!” Jesus replied, “A person who has bathed all over does not need to wash, except for the feet, to be entirely clean. And you disciples are clean, but not all of you.” For Jesus knew who would betray him. That is what he meant when he said, “Not all of you are clean.” After washing their feet, he put on his robe again and sat down and asked, “Do you understand what I was doing? You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and you are right because that’s what I am. And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet. I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.

I tell you the truth, slaves are not greater than their master. Nor is the messenger more important than the one who sends the message. Now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them. [Emphasis mine.]

aaron burden unsplash image
Photo by Aaron Burden @ Unsplash.com

Lead by example. Jesus teaches the disciples this. The master is no greater than the servant. The power of God is no more important than in this scripture. Jesus talks about how he knew he would be betrayed and by whom. He makes a point of it in him washing the disciple’s feet. Then, He tells them to follow His example so they may be humbled and blessed.

Jesus was a very humble man. All of his life, he lived to be our savior! He knew. He accepted it. Although, as a man, he struggled with what he would have to go through. He even asked God if it were possible to remove it from Him. He knew it was his destiny to become our Redeemer.

How can you be a humble servant of the Lord?

Blessed Assurance

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God assures us of His purpose and intentions. Why do we not trust Him? Why do we not believe what He says? I'll tell you one reason; untrusting. Why are we untrusting? Hint: believing lies of the devil. Stop it! The devil only brings misery. Stop living a miserable existence. Don't get me wrong, believing the One true God isn't all sprinkles, skittles, & m&ms. Sometimes we have to suffer a bit to be blessed. We have to go through good and bad and have faith God will see us through. We need to have faith in Him; in His Mercy & Grace! I challenge you to stop believing the lies fed to you by the devil and start believing the truth of God. Share your experience. Bless us & you will be blessed.

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The Lesson

Luke 16:9-13 <=== Click to open and read more.

Mary’s Shocking News


I posted 2 years ago about Mary in great detail. To get a better grip on Mary in this life stage, read/listen to the post here.

We heard about Elizabeth in a previous blog post. The same angel that visited Elizabeth, Gabriel, now visits Mary. The shocking news had Mary in a quandary about the whole situation.

It’s time for the Savior of the world to come as a man and live out His earthly ministry. We heard in and throughout the Old Testament about a Savior, the Messiah, coming to save us. He’s the long-awaited messiah.

Poor lowly Mary is only a teenager. However, she’s been promised to Joseph in marriage. His betrothed. Neither of which has had intimate relations. Virgins. Mary being a virgin is a main factor of God having favor with her. She’s a good Jewish girl.

She was dumbfounded at the concept of becoming pregnant since she is a virgin.

You read the interaction between Gabriel and Mary in the scripture. Gabriel tells Mary that she’ll conceive of the Holy Spirit. In v. 35 it says this:

The angel replied, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the baby to be born will be holy, and he will be called the Son of God.

Luke 1:26-38

Mary couldn’t argue with that. She accepted it. But, she added this at the end of their interaction in v. 38:

“I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her.

Mary had some doubts. Who wouldn’t? That’s a pretty major thing; become pregnant while still a virgin. I’m sure she also had major concerns being not fully married to Joseph, yet.

How would you feel if it were you going through that situation? What would be going through your mind?

It’s scary, to say the least. In those times, they stoned/crucified people for offenses. Betraying a spouse to be… that’s infidelity. They didn’t take that very lightly. Read the Bible for yourself and see. Don’t take my word for it. It’s all there in black and white.

So, the big news… The Messiah is coming! That’s exciting! Joyous! How does that make you feel? Me?

If I lived in that time where I could encounter Jesus in person… I’d fall face down at His feet honoring, praising, and worshipping Him.

But, before he’s grown I’d try to find a way to get to Him to meet him in person. I’d definitely be one of the women who followed Jesus throughout his ministry. The ones who experienced things just out of arms reach of everything.

Your turn! Go!


Dear Abba Yah, Adonai, I lift up every reader, even the brief visitors, of this blog. I pray that even if just one sentence, or one word, is written that the reader will be so blessed that they don’t want to leave Your word and Your presence. I pray they are blessed beyond measure and their needs are met. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Repaid Good for Evil!


Read the full context here: 1 Samuel 24

This story of David, Jonathan, and King Saul is amazing. Here David had the chance to take out King Saul. But, he did not. David didn’t feel like it was right to kill Saul. He spared Saul’s life in the cave.

What I’m taking away from this is this:
~ Even though there are situations and opportunities to get revenge or get payback when I feel I deserve better than what I’m experiencing; don’t do it. It’s not worth it.
~ God has something better in mind for me. Even if I don’t know or understand it.

How does this apply to our lives today? How do I apply it to my life? Here are my thoughts:

  • Be obedient to God and the Holy Spirit.
    • He knows best.
  • Pray about everything, always.
    • God often shows us better through the Holy Spirit in prayers. (True story!)
  • Be in His word every single day.
    • If you don’t have time to be in the Word and spend time to pray, you’re too busy with the world. Something needs to give and be sacrificed. You’ll be glad you did! I promise! So does God! His promises never fail us!
  • Be in fellowship with your church body.
    • Keeping yourself isolated from everyone and everything is not healthy.
      • There is a difference between isolation and solitude.
        1. Isolation means: the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart (separated).
        2. Solitude means: freedom from disturbance; tranquility; mentally calm.
    • We need the fellowship to allow the Holy Spirit to feed our spirits and to lift each other up in the Lord.

Dear Adonai, Abba Yah, I pray for the readers of this blog in that they will seek You fully and surrender fully to You. I pray that these words will be a balm for their soul and spirit to give them peace about any life circumstances that are putting them in strife. I pray also that they allow You to use them for Your glory and honor in life to help others who need it. Thank You, Yah, in advance for hearing and answering this prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Justice From Heaven


Read the full chapter here: Psalm 11 It’s 7 verses long.

Well, this scripture is loaded. What I gain from it is this:

  • God still rules from His Temple in heaven.
  • God observes everything.
  • God loves justice.
  • Just people seek God.

In this Psalm, David’s struggle with and triumph over a strong temptation to distrust God and seek within himself with indirect means for his own safety in a time of danger. His life was in danger by King Saul because the king was jealous of David and Jonathan’s relationship. Read more here: 1 Samuel 20.

Life is filled with struggles and triumphs. Sometimes it seems like more struggle than triumphs. During the struggles, human nature tends to seek within itself to work things out on our own.

God knows our struggles. He allows us to struggle because it builds our faith and trust in Him. It’s best to seek Him and take our struggles to Him and leave them there. He’ll deal with them justly. We may not get it. But, it’s not for us to get.

How does this apply to our lives today? How do we apply it to our lives?

This is what I think and believe:

  • Even though we’re going through tough times; God is with us and knows.
  • We don’t have to go through the struggles alone. God is with us, all the time.
  • We need to seek Him, not from within ourselves.
  • PRAY always!

Dear Abba Yah, I seek You. I bring all my struggles to You and leave them at the foot of Your throne. I pray this for the readers of this blog as well. I lift up the spiritually ill as well as, physically ill, Yahweh. We need You, always. I love, adore, glorify, and honor You, Adonai Yah. Thank You, in advance, for hearing and answering this prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.