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This is amazing! God loves us, abundantly & steadfastly. Steadfast is defined as, unwavering, unmovable, & faithful. Love is an action word; not an emotion as most would want us to believe. Righteousness… That confuses people. This is what it is defined as; the quality or state of being just or rightful.. in other words; acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous (right-minded). Live righteously, with integrity and honestly. In an upside down world; we must live right side up vertically aligned with Yahweh and be blessed and covered with His favor like a shield. He will protect us as long as we surrender and obey Him! Otherwise, you’re on your own… Scary thought? I think so, too. I’ve messed up more than once. God always had my back, only when I came to Him and repented seeking forgiveness and living uprightly. What does this look like for you? Need prayer? Let me know privately. I’ll pray.

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Made Complete By The Spirit

Song of Songs 6_11-13 image

In quiet and in thought the Christian character is formed and perfected. But not in the quiet of the still, the self-gratification, or the pretender. When the Christian is freed from the removal of his responsibilities in life, the world has no draw for Him. His prayer is, that all matters relating to the Spirit can live and grow in Him, and surrounded by Him.

So are the fascinating interests and pursuits of him who the world unfairly assumes unhappy, and ignored his true interests. In obedience and meekness, the humble Christian chooses to turn away from the view of all; yet the Lord takes pleasure in honoring him.

Mainly, though, may the source be the administering angels who will be sent for the soul of the Christian. Their coming may alarm, though the leaving soul will find the Lord its power and its share forever.

The church is named the Shulamite: the word implies fulfillment and peace; not in herself, but in Christ, such that she is complete, through his honor; and has contentment, that he made for her by his blood, and gives to her by his Spirit.

Amazing! Because of Christ’s gift of salvation we’ve been made complete, we choose to live our lives in Him, for Him, and be content in doing so.

Comment how Yahweh has blessed your life. Let us know. We want to celebrate HIM with you. Praise Yahweh.