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Christ Calls Out; Come Away With Me

Song of Songs 8_13-14 image

This scripture ends the sober conversation between Christ and his church. He begins by addressing her as hanging out in the gardens, the meetings, and laws of his saints. He urges her to be faithful and constant in prayers, petitions, and praises, in that he takes pleasure in.

She replies, desiring his quick arrival to take her to fully be with Him. The heavens, the high mountains of sweet spices, need to include Christ, until the moment comes, when every eye will see Him, in all the majesty of the greater world.

Faithful believers as they are watching for, so they are rushing to the coming of that day of the Lord. Let every Christian work to fulfill the responsibilities of his calling, that men will see his good works, and honor his heavenly Father. Pursue sincerely in prayer for what we desire, our thanksgivings will overflow, and our joy will be full; our souls will be improved, and our efforts prosper.

We will be empowered to look ahead to death and judgment without fear. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

What are you doing to fulfill the responsibilities of your calling? He’s calling us to come to Him. Comment your experience with Jesus Christ, our Lord. Bless others as you bless yourself.

Conquerors Through Christ

Song of Songs 8_8-12 image

The believers pray for the unbelievers, who before didn’t have the word of Yahweh or the measure of grace. The ones who are lead to Christ themselves must plan what they will do to prompt other unbelievers to Him. Infants in Christ are continually seen with Christians, and the health of their defenseless brothers is a matter of regular prayer with the mature believers.

If the start of this work were compared to a wall built in Him the beloved Foundation and Cornerstone, then the Christian church desires to become like a mansion for the great King, built on a firm foundation.

If the initial education of the gospel were like the building a door within the wall of a barrier, that door needs to be stable, while cased with beams of strong cedar.

She will be thoughtfully and adequately guarded, surrounded then essentially to experience no harm. The church is abounding with concern for the ones still not called. Christ says I will do all that is needed to be done for them.

Observing with whatever contentedness we must look back on the moments and seasons when we were in His eyes like the ones that earn approval.

Our hearts are our vineyards, that we need to hold onto with all consideration. To Christ, and to His love, all our results need to be fully devoted. Everyone who works for Christ works for themselves and must be an incredible conqueror from it.

Are you workers with Christ? Are you a conqueror through Christ? You benefit from it.

Comment your experience as a conqueror through Christ. I’d like to know.

Me: Check out my story here.

Delivered Out Of The Wilderness

Song of Songs 8_5-7 image

The Jewish church rose from the wilderness, sustained by Divine power and favor. The Christian church was built from a dejected, downcast state, by the grace of Christ depended on. Believers, by the power of grace, are delivered up from the wilderness.

A sinful state is a wilderness in which there is no true comfort; it is an unsettled, wanting state: There is no coming out of this wilderness, but trusting Christ as our Beloved, by faith; not trusting in our own understanding, neither trusting in any rightness of our own; but in the strength of Him, who is the Lord our Righteousness.

The news of the church to Christ follows, urge an everlasting position in His love, and shelter by His power. Fix me as a seal on Your heart; let me forever have a place in Your heart; let me have a mark of love on Your heart. In regard, the soul would be safeguarded, and without a judgment; but because of wrong belief, no rest is to be found.

The ones who faithfully love Christ, are suspicious of everything that would pull them from Him; particularly of themselves, or they may do anything to prompt Him to leave them.

If we love Christ, the fear of appearing insufficient of His love, or the provocations to abandon Him, will be very unpleasant to us.

No waters can satisfy Christ’s love to us, neither any floods overwhelm it. Let nothing diminish our love to Him. Neither will life and all its pleasures, tempt a believer from loving Christ.

Love of Christ will permit us to resist and give us victory over temptations from the sneers of the world, as well as from its condemnations.

Where do you stand in regards to the wilderness? Do you trust in yourself to free you; or are you trusting Christ to deliver you from the wilderness? Because only Christ can do the job. He will guard our hearts and lead us to victory!

Comment and let’s converse and pray over this.

Friendship With Christ

Song of Songs 8_1-4 image

The church yearns for the continuous friendship and liberty with the Lord Jesus that siblings have. That they may be like His brother, and so they are when by grace they are named participants of a Divine creation.

Christ is represented like our Brother; anywhere we witness him, let’s be mindful to keep our bond to Him, and desire for Him, and not worry about being hated because of it.

Do we have within us a faithful desire to serve Christ more and better? In that case, what do we have stored up, to display our devotion to the Beloved of our hearts? What fruit toward righteousness?

The church should require all her children to never upset Christ to leave. We should reflect within ourselves when tempted to do what would break the Spirit’s heart.

What do you do to keep a constant desire to be Christ’s friend? If you don’t, then what? What will you do to have that desire within you? We must not be worried about what others think of our relationship with Christ. We must be the example to draw people to Him.

Comment your response. I’d love to hear from you.

In Fellowship With Christ

Song of Songs 7_10-13 image

The church, the believer, is victorious in its relationship to Christ, and appeal to Him.

She simply craves fellowship with Him. Let’s amble together, that I can get counsel, guidance, and encouragement from You; and can share my wants and my objections to You, with ease, and without interference.

Fellowship with Christ is what the righteous sincerely live for. And the ones who will speak with Christ must break away from the world.

Wheresoever we are, we will keep up fellowship with Yahweh. We should never go where we can’t, in faith, invite Him to go with us.

The ones who will go with Christ need to begin first thing in the morning about their days; must start every day with Him, look for him first thing, look for Him eagerly.

A loving soul can reunite itself to the most ordinary places if it will have fellowship with Yahweh in them, but the very pleasant area won’t be complete except that the Beloved is there.

Let’s not think to be pleased with any earthly things. Our own souls are our grapevines; they should be planted with suitable trees. We should regularly explore whether we’re fruitful in honor and integrity.

Christ’s nearness will give life to the vine to thrive, and the young grapes develop, while the rising sun renews the gardens. If we can say to him, You know all things, You know that I love You; if His Spirit bears witness with our spirit, that our souls thrive, it’s complete. And we must beg of Him to examine and test us, to observe ourselves.

The consequences and actions of mercy are acceptable to the Lord Jesus. These must be stored up, and always available; that by our helping others in need, He may be honored. It’s all of Him, since, it’s right, it will be all for Him.

What’s your fellowship with Christ like? He longs to spend time with you. Do you crave time with Him? Tell us. Bless others and bless yourself.

Me: I could do better. In the meantime, I enjoy fellowship with Christ. He listens as I talk and as we walk through life together. Your turn.

Her Beauty Comes From Him!

Song of Songs 7_6 image

The similarities here are uniquely different than what they were previously, and in the beginning, relate to magnificent and elegant raiment. Such esteem is all His saints; and are clothed with Christ, they are marked by their elegance and radiantly beautiful garments.

They make the teachings of Yahweh their Saviour more pleasing in everything. Steadfast believers pay tribute to Christ, exhort the gospel, and persuade and revive sinners.

Read today’s full scripture text here.

The church compares to the grand and extending palm; during her love for Christ, and the obedience came about accordingly, are a cherished fruit of the true Vine. The King is maintained in the chambers.

Christ takes pleasure in the gatherings and commands of His people; and cherishes the fruit of His grace in them.

When applied to the church and to each faithful Christian, all this symbolizes that grace of holiness, in which they’ll be given to their divine Bridegroom.

The church’s beauty is from Christ! When we are obedient and allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us, for His purpose, our beauty shines through. It greatly pleases Him. In doing so, we’re blessed.

Comment how you’re blessed in your obedience to Christ.

Me: Well, we know that nobody is perfect in this fleshly vessel. We all stumble, even I. However, that being said; I do my very best to be obedient to Christ’s call on my life. I stumble along the way, but, He catches me and helps me keep going. Your turn!

Made Complete By The Spirit

Song of Songs 6_11-13 image

In quiet and in thought the Christian character is formed and perfected. But not in the quiet of the still, the self-gratification, or the pretender. When the Christian is freed from the removal of his responsibilities in life, the world has no draw for Him. His prayer is, that all matters relating to the Spirit can live and grow in Him, and surrounded by Him.

So are the fascinating interests and pursuits of him who the world unfairly assumes unhappy, and ignored his true interests. In obedience and meekness, the humble Christian chooses to turn away from the view of all; yet the Lord takes pleasure in honoring him.

Mainly, though, may the source be the administering angels who will be sent for the soul of the Christian. Their coming may alarm, though the leaving soul will find the Lord its power and its share forever.

The church is named the Shulamite: the word implies fulfillment and peace; not in herself, but in Christ, such that she is complete, through his honor; and has contentment, that he made for her by his blood, and gives to her by his Spirit.

Amazing! Because of Christ’s gift of salvation we’ve been made complete, we choose to live our lives in Him, for Him, and be content in doing so.

Comment how Yahweh has blessed your life. Let us know. We want to celebrate HIM with you. Praise Yahweh.


Supreme Majesty

Song of Songs 5_9-16 image

Even those who only have a slight familiarity with Christ can’t help but see gracious virtue in others who are an example of His image.

There is satisfaction for those who begin to study about Christ and His virtue.

Christians, who are fully informed of Christ, must do everything they can to bring others into the knowledge of Him.

Supreme majesty makes Him absolutely beautiful in the eyes of all who are trained to recognize holy things.

He is white with the pure honesty of His life, reflected in the painful suffering he went through at his death.

This story of the person of the Beloved, would produce, in the symbolic language of those times, a representation of loveliness of character and the dignity of behavior; but the appositeness of some of the references may not be apparent to us.

He wants to appear to be magnified in his saints and to be honored in all that believe in Him. May His love force us to live under his sovereignty.

How does your character bear Yahweh’s image? He suffered, died, and is now alive so that we may love all and spread His Good News to all we come in contact with. He is our Supreme Majesty! He is mind-blowingly awesome!

Comment with your story and bless others as you bless yourself.

Believers Aggravate Christ

Song of Songs 5_6 image

Churches and believers, by carelessness and self-reliance, aggravate Christ to go away.

We must notice our spiritual inactivity and deranged circumstances. Christ knocks to rouse us, knocks by His word and Spirit, knocks by difficulties and by our moral principles; hence, Revelation 3:20. See full scripture text for today’s word here.

When we are inattentive of Christ, he still thinks of us. Christ’s love to us should draw our love to His, even in the most unselfish situations; and we can only be victors by doing so.

Reckless souls insult Jesus Christ. No other could be given to open the door. Christ cries out to us, but we are not mindful or pretend we’re weak, or we’re too busy and think we are honestly justified.

Making justifications is making Christ insignificant. The one’s who put dishonor on Christ, who can’t find it in their hearts to bear a heavy storm, or to leave their comfort zone for Him.

Notice the powerful importance of Divine grace. He unlocks the door, as one tired of remaining. This indicates a job of the Holy Spirit on our soul.

The believers rising above their own will, asking by prayer for the sympathies of Christ, and to shed off every obstacle to having fellowship with Him; these depictions of the soul are expressed by the hands dropping sweet-smelling myrrh on the handles of the locks. But the Dearly Loved was gone! By removing Himself, Christ teaches His people to value His loving and gracious visits more deeply.

Note, the soul still cries out to Christ the Dearly Loved One. Every rejection is not hopelessness.

Lord, I believe, although I must say, Lord, help my unbelief. His words forgave me, except, the hateful person that I was, I made up reasons.

When Yahweh opens our eyes, though, the suffocating and despair of judgments will be very harsh to imagine and take in.

The soul went in pursuit of Him. The guards injured me. Some attribute this to those who distort the Word for their crazy beliefs.

The speech to the daughters of Jerusalem appears to mean the troubled believer’s hope of the prayers of the weakest Christian.

Souls on fire for Christ are more tolerant of Christ’s leaving than of any other circumstances.

Is your soul on fire for Christ? If so, share how He is working in your life and bless others as well as yourself. Comment and let me know.

For those who’s souls are in despair and in need of prayer, contact me for prayer here.

An Invitation

Song of Songs 5:1 image

Notice how prompt Christ is to receive the calls of His people.

Any tiny bit of good we have in us would be wasted if he didn’t protect it.

He also invites his dearly loved people to eat and drink freely.

The commands that they obey reverently of Him, are the way of grace, mercy, and love.

As today is Valentine’s Day, let’s show our love to everyone and Christ, not only because of His gift of Salvation but, because he cares for each one of us. His grace, mercy, and love overflow with no end, for us.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Comment your experience.

Me: Yesterday, the 13th, was our 18th wedding anniversary. We celebrated that and Valentine’s at the same time. We had dinner and went a movie together. We don’t do that often. It was very nice to spend that time together.

Now, it’s your turn!