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Christ Tests Believer’s Faith by Leaving

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I don’t know about you, but, I’ve had some seriously heavy nightmares similar to this scripture. One nightmare goes like this:

In the dead of sleep; my soul was awakend as I lay frozen and helpless asleep. The awakening came from a demon chasing me to capture me. My spirit was dreadfully fleeing the demon with him on my heels. He was shrieking and wailing after me. I screamed in dread of being caught. All of a sudden my physcial awoke in mortifying fright. I prayed aloud “In Jesus’ name leave this place satan, you are not welcome here.” I prayed that prayer over and over again. I was very afraid to fall back to sleep.

Have you ever had nightmares with demons after you? If so, what did you do and how did things turn out?

Today’s message is this:

It was difficult to the Old Testament church to find Christ in the rituals of the law; the guardians of that church did not give much help to those who desired Him.

The night is cold, dark, and sleepy, and of faint fears involving spiritual things. At first, when nervous, some weak attempts are made to reach the hope of fellowship with Christ. This proves to be pointless; the believer’s diligence is then stirred greatly.

A promise is given to the ones who seek for men’s souls.

Instant contentment isn’t found. We must not rest by any means, but by faith, appeal directly to Christ. Grasping onto Christ, and not letting him go, expresses sincerely abiding in Him.

What occurs is a humble, faithful requests by prayer, with a cheerful practice of faith in His promises. Provided that the faith of believers is maintained in Christ, He won’t be upset at their sincere requests, yes, He is thoroughly satisfied with it.

The believer wants to make others known of his Saviour. Anywhere we find Christ, we need to take Him with us, especially in our hearts; and we should challenge ourselves and each other, to beware of grieving our Divine Comforter and encouraging the separation of the Beloved Christ. He leaves His Holy Spirit as our Comforter. The Holy Trinity is Yahweh, Son/Christ, and the Holy Spirit… the three are One! So, Christ is still with us, of the Spirit. As is, Yahweh. You can call on any of them to reach all of them.

How mind-blowing and awesome is that?!?! Today, we have access to The Trinity. We have the knowledge because of His word. It’s alive and living. We can seek fellowship with Him. Hide the Word in your hearts. Once you have it, and Jesus in your hearts, nobody can take that away, nor separate you from Yahweh.

What is your fellowship with Christ like? Comment and bless others as well as yourself.

Fellowship with Christ

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The body of Christ is very pleased to have sweet fellowship with Christ. We hear Him. He runs quickly to meet His followers, the ones who love Him, with His promises. He will return soon with immeasurable loving-kindness.

Christ invites new believers to get up from their lazy ways and pride to come and have fellowship with Him.

All these promising symbols and signs of Divine favor are reasons to our spirit to follow Christ more completely.

What a profound visual of Christ rushing to meet His love, the Body of Christ, the church.

What does your fellowship with Christ look like? Do you anticipate His return? He loves us so much He willingly gave His life to save us so that we are able to fellowship with Him.

Comment and bless others as you bless yourself.

What Is Fellowship With Jesus

John 10:9 imageJesus uses the metaphor of being “the door”. Why?

I picture that as being a “gatekeeper”. Someone who is a guardian.

According to John 10:9 when we enter through the gatekeeper we will be saved and be able to come in and out and find pasture.

What does that mean?

When we “go in” it’s that very special place of spiritual rebirth where we are filled with The Holy Spirit. When we “go out” it’s into the world. And “find pasture” means we’ll be watched over, protected, nourished, and grow spiritually, because the OmnipresenceOmnipotence, and Omniscience of Yahweh is everywhere, no matter where we are.

With that kind of power I totally trust Yahweh to care for me. If you’ve ever been in a place where you fear for your safety you can imagine Yahweh being the force surrounding you as a protective wall, like a military fortress, only bigger and more powerful. He is Almighty!

So, what do we do to be in Yahweh’s fortress?

Three things:

  1. Seek Yahweh
    1. Pray
    2. Read The Word
  2. Be in fellowship with other believers
    1. Attend worship service
    2. Attend other fellowship events
  3. Find an accountability partner
    1. Someone who can help keep you in alignment with Yahweh

The more we’re in The Word, in prayer, and fellowship the less we will wander outside the protection of Yahweh.

Comment and share your story. It will bless someone and encourage us all.

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