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David’s Song

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I love the Psalms. I love this book because of the pureness of the relationship, with God, David has. We should all yearn to be in this kind of relationship with God. David expresses his joy in singing these words to God. David praises and worships God uninhibited. I want this kind of relationship with God. I lack. I get busy with life and forget to talk to God. We all do. We do it with our human relationships too. We have so much going on in our heads. So much noise in there. We need to turn it off if just for a few moments and listen to God. Also, in our hearts. Allow the Holy Spirit to wash over you; reverse our hearts of stone making them soft for Him. How does this look for you?

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The Magnificat: Mary’s Song of Praise

Instead of the written out scripture I’ve provided it in song. Take a listen.

You can read it here. <~== Click to open a new page for the scripture to read it.

Here’s Mary; just arriving at her cousin’s place. Instead of being exhausted from her 2 or 3 days journey, she is excited and sings a song of praise.

There are some speculations as to what the lyrics refer to. However, I believe they refer to past prophecy being fulfilled leading up to this moment in time. It’s referring to our Saviour, the Messiah, Jesus. I trust the word of God over bickering theologians trying to assert their authority.

Like Mary, I’d exert excitement as well. I’d be humbled; especially that I would’ve been chosen to carry and give birth to the Lord in human form to fulfill what had been taught over the generations about a messiah coming to save us all.

Mary was also filled with the Holy Spirit. God is using her, as well as Elizabeth, as part of the narrative of the coming Messiah, Jesus. The Saviour of the world. God uses each of you for His great plan.

Isn’t that exciting? What are your thoughts on this? What does this scripture and story say to you? Me? I shared in the above, previous paragraphs. God is so amazing.


Dear Heavenly Abba Yah, I lift up each of the readers of this blog. I pray that they will be blessed and recognize You in their day to day lives. I pray that they accept the gift You’ve given us, Jesus, the Messiah. I thank You for Your workings in and through our lives, every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.