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David’s Song

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I love the Psalms. I love this book because of the pureness of the relationship, with God, David has. We should all yearn to be in this kind of relationship with God. David expresses his joy in singing these words to God. David praises and worships God uninhibited. I want this kind of relationship with God. I lack. I get busy with life and forget to talk to God. We all do. We do it with our human relationships too. We have so much going on in our heads. So much noise in there. We need to turn it off if just for a few moments and listen to God. Also, in our hearts. Allow the Holy Spirit to wash over you; reverse our hearts of stone making them soft for Him. How does this look for you?

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Justice From Heaven


Read the full chapter here: Psalm 11 It’s 7 verses long.

Well, this scripture is loaded. What I gain from it is this:

  • God still rules from His Temple in heaven.
  • God observes everything.
  • God loves justice.
  • Just people seek God.

In this Psalm, David’s struggle with and triumph over a strong temptation to distrust God and seek within himself with indirect means for his own safety in a time of danger. His life was in danger by King Saul because the king was jealous of David and Jonathan’s relationship. Read more here: 1 Samuel 20.

Life is filled with struggles and triumphs. Sometimes it seems like more struggle than triumphs. During the struggles, human nature tends to seek within itself to work things out on our own.

God knows our struggles. He allows us to struggle because it builds our faith and trust in Him. It’s best to seek Him and take our struggles to Him and leave them there. He’ll deal with them justly. We may not get it. But, it’s not for us to get.

How does this apply to our lives today? How do we apply it to our lives?

This is what I think and believe:

  • Even though we’re going through tough times; God is with us and knows.
  • We don’t have to go through the struggles alone. God is with us, all the time.
  • We need to seek Him, not from within ourselves.
  • PRAY always!

Dear Abba Yah, I seek You. I bring all my struggles to You and leave them at the foot of Your throne. I pray this for the readers of this blog as well. I lift up the spiritually ill as well as, physically ill, Yahweh. We need You, always. I love, adore, glorify, and honor You, Adonai Yah. Thank You, in advance, for hearing and answering this prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.