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Joyful Outcome

The Beatitudes and Superman


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The Beatitudes Jesus teaches from the mountainside. We can live blessed lives. We simply need to trust, love, obey, praise & worship, adore, and fear (revere) God with our whole being. That’s not to say we won’t have trials and burdens. God uses our trials to build us up, strengthen us, and teach us, and to help us growth in our faith in Him. What’s stopping you? Stop believing the lies of the devil. Stop the devil of permission to hold you in his control. Then, surrender to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, & God. Why? To gain freedom in Christ through salvation. Be liberated from the devil, now. Accept Jesus as your savior. Satan has no power over God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus. In fact, by the sheer mention of “Jesus”, the devil crumbles and loses all power. Imagine, if you will, for a minute, Superman & Kryptonite. What happens to Superman when he is near Kryptonite? In fiction, it’s temporary. As soon as Superman is out of range of it he regains his strength. Well, as long as you continue to surrender and obey God, your weakness is turned to strength through God. Praise the living Triune God, Yahweh! What an awesome blessing!

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David’s Song

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I love the Psalms. I love this book because of the pureness of the relationship, with God, David has. We should all yearn to be in this kind of relationship with God. David expresses his joy in singing these words to God. David praises and worships God uninhibited. I want this kind of relationship with God. I lack. I get busy with life and forget to talk to God. We all do. We do it with our human relationships too. We have so much going on in our heads. So much noise in there. We need to turn it off if just for a few moments and listen to God. Also, in our hearts. Allow the Holy Spirit to wash over you; reverse our hearts of stone making them soft for Him. How does this look for you?

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No Condemning


It is through Jesus that the world would be saved, not condemned.

Stop condemning yourselves and others. Satan does enough of that on his own. Don’t help him do it.

Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher, guide, and to love you so you can return that love to the world.

In the past, I was hard on myself. There’s that quote we hear a lot;

“We’re our own worst enemy.” – Michael Strahan

I had to learn to not be my own enemy. I was also a control freak. I learned to be humble and allow Yahweh to have the pilot’s seat. It gets easier over time.

What’s your struggle with condemning yourself and others?

Comment and bless others as well as yourself. It’s healing to get it out.