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Out of the Wilderness

Song_of_Songs_3_6-7_11 image

Wow! What a visual. Read the full text of scripture here. It includes 3 more verses that say more about Solomon, his bodyguards, and his carriage.

Here’s an example of the carriage:

palanquin image
This obviously isn’t exactly like King Solomon’s. However, this is the style scripture speaks of. In India, it is called: a palanquin.

Now, today’s word:

The wilderness is symbolic of the world; the believer emerges from it when he is freed from the love of its sinful desires and amusement, and objects to its rules and ways, to search for joy in fellowship with the Saviour, Jesus. A poor soul will spring up, at last, under the direction of the Yahweh; like a fog of incense rising up from the altar or the smoke of the burnt-offerings. This implies sacred and faithful friendship and the soaring of the soul toward heaven.

The believer is filled with the graces of God’s Spirit; his faithfulness is now very excited. These blessings and encouragements are of the divine “Promised Land”. He, who is the Peace of his people, the King of the city of Yahweh, has given safe passage for his redeemed from the wilderness of this world.

The platform, or man-powered carriage, was made for rest and easy transport, but its glamor and elegance showed the quality of its owner. It was very elegant and glamorous. Unlike the image above.

The church is totally guarded; large amounts of people are with her than are against her: believers when they rest in Christ, and with Him, but they have their troubles, are still safe. The carriage here implies the covenant of salvation, the way of our salvation. This is the work of Christ, that makes Him loved and honored in the eyes of believers. It’s created and built, both for the glory of Christ and for the well-being of believers; it is wholly fixed in all things and secure. Salvation is final!

The blood of the covenant, that deep purple, is the cover of this carriage, so the believers are protected from Yahweh’s wrath, and the difficulties of this world, but the heart of it is that the love of Christ that outdoes knowledge, this is for believers to have peace. Christ, in His gospel, reveals himself. The believer must stay in the Word, and be completely obedient to Christ.

Pay particular attention to His crown. Associating this to Christ, it speaks of the honor placed on Him, and His power and authority.

This is most awesome and excellent! Praise You, Jesus, Yahweh, for Your gift of salvation and our Eternal home with You. He loves us without condition! Nothing we’ve done is so bad that He won’t love us. Just come to Him! He’s waiting for you.

Where’s your eternal home? Have you accepted Christ as your savior? Comment and bless others as well as yourself.

Do you need prayer? If so, contact me, now with your request, here. A team of prayer warriors will lift your request to Yahweh.

Christ Tests Believer’s Faith by Leaving

Song_of_Songs_3_1-5 image

I don’t know about you, but, I’ve had some seriously heavy nightmares similar to this scripture. One nightmare goes like this:

In the dead of sleep; my soul was awakend as I lay frozen and helpless asleep. The awakening came from a demon chasing me to capture me. My spirit was dreadfully fleeing the demon with him on my heels. He was shrieking and wailing after me. I screamed in dread of being caught. All of a sudden my physcial awoke in mortifying fright. I prayed aloud “In Jesus’ name leave this place satan, you are not welcome here.” I prayed that prayer over and over again. I was very afraid to fall back to sleep.

Have you ever had nightmares with demons after you? If so, what did you do and how did things turn out?

Today’s message is this:

It was difficult to the Old Testament church to find Christ in the rituals of the law; the guardians of that church did not give much help to those who desired Him.

The night is cold, dark, and sleepy, and of faint fears involving spiritual things. At first, when nervous, some weak attempts are made to reach the hope of fellowship with Christ. This proves to be pointless; the believer’s diligence is then stirred greatly.

A promise is given to the ones who seek for men’s souls.

Instant contentment isn’t found. We must not rest by any means, but by faith, appeal directly to Christ. Grasping onto Christ, and not letting him go, expresses sincerely abiding in Him.

What occurs is a humble, faithful requests by prayer, with a cheerful practice of faith in His promises. Provided that the faith of believers is maintained in Christ, He won’t be upset at their sincere requests, yes, He is thoroughly satisfied with it.

The believer wants to make others known of his Saviour. Anywhere we find Christ, we need to take Him with us, especially in our hearts; and we should challenge ourselves and each other, to beware of grieving our Divine Comforter and encouraging the separation of the Beloved Christ. He leaves His Holy Spirit as our Comforter. The Holy Trinity is Yahweh, Son/Christ, and the Holy Spirit… the three are One! So, Christ is still with us, of the Spirit. As is, Yahweh. You can call on any of them to reach all of them.

How mind-blowing and awesome is that?!?! Today, we have access to The Trinity. We have the knowledge because of His word. It’s alive and living. We can seek fellowship with Him. Hide the Word in your hearts. Once you have it, and Jesus in your hearts, nobody can take that away, nor separate you from Yahweh.

What is your fellowship with Christ like? Comment and bless others as well as yourself.

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace

Song_of_Songs_2_14-17 image

The church is Christ’s dove; she comes back to him. Christ is The Rock, the only place she feels, and, is safe. Christ calls her to come boldly to the throne of grace, having a great High Priest there, to tell her requests to. Speak freely, don’t be afraid of insults or defeat. The voice of prayer is pleasing and sweet to Yahweh; those who are approved of Yahweh have the good qualities of inner beauty. The first signs of sinfulness and worldly behaviors are like little foxes that must be rejected.

This is a command to believers to discipline their sinful desires and feelings, that are like little foxes, because they ruin their compassion and well-being, and defeat good beginnings. Whatever we find a stumbling block, we must discard. He serves among the wildflowers; this shows Christ’s gracious nearness to believers. He is kind to all His people. It behooves them to believe this, when feeling deserted and deprived, and therefore block any temptations.

The secrets of the Jewish organization were rejected by the happening of the gospel day. And a day of happiness will come after a night of rest.

Returning over the mountains of Bether, “the mountains that separate,” looking forward to the day of return and to experience His love in His presence in Eternity. Christ will appear bigger than every separating mountain to bring us home to him.

What a day that will be! How does this coming day affect you? I invite you; come boldly before His throne of grace. Comment, let me know your experience with Yahweh.

Fellowship with Christ

Song_of_Songs_2_8-13 image

The body of Christ is very pleased to have sweet fellowship with Christ. We hear Him. He runs quickly to meet His followers, the ones who love Him, with His promises. He will return soon with immeasurable loving-kindness.

Christ invites new believers to get up from their lazy ways and pride to come and have fellowship with Him.

All these promising symbols and signs of Divine favor are reasons to our spirit to follow Christ more completely.

What a profound visual of Christ rushing to meet His love, the Body of Christ, the church.

What does your fellowship with Christ look like? Do you anticipate His return? He loves us so much He willingly gave His life to save us so that we are able to fellowship with Him.

Comment and bless others as you bless yourself.

The Mutual Love

Song_of_Songs_2_1-7 image

Believers are lovely, as robed in the Holiness of Christ; and sweet-smelling, as decorated with the mercy of His Spirit; and they thrive under the delightful rays of the sun of uprightness. The lily is a truly impressive plant in the East; it grows to a significant stature but has a small stalk. The church is weak in herself, yet is secure in Him that sustains her. The evil, the unbelievers of this world, who have no love for Christ, are troublesome, worthless and hopeless, toxic and harmful. Shameful, it’s trouble in the body; but the lily now among thorns, will be grafted into a delightful place where there is no prickly bush.

The world is a desolate place to the soul but, Christ is fruitful. And when bad souls are dry with criticism of wrongdoing, with the fears of the law, or the difficulties of this world, exhausted and burdened, they may find rest in Christ. Wanting to reach the shade, yet we need to rest under it. Believers have known that Christ is loving; his fruits are all the promises of the covenant, bought by His blood, and given by His Spirit; promises are great to the believer, and doctrine also. Mercies are great, and peace of mind great. With a clean tongue, Divine compassion will be great to us. Christ brings the soul to explore and to discover joy through his instruction, that’s essentially a feasting-home (church) where His servants feast with Him. The love of Christ, displayed by His death, and by His living word, is the banner he shows, and believers accept it. How much greater is it to a person when weak from their love to Christ than to be filled with the love of this world! Praise Yahweh!! And despite Christ appearing to have departed, although he is still a real immediate relief.

All His saints are in His hands. He so lovingly sustains their grieved minds. Finding Christ as near to her, the soul is in excellent care that her fellowship with Him isn’t disrupted. We easily pain the Spirit by sinful attitudes. Let the ones who have relief, fear killing it off.

We need to stay focused on Yahweh, being in His living word, having communion with Him uninterrupted by the world. Show Him your love! He loves you! Give it in return.

What is your experience with Christ and His love for you? Comment, let’s interact.

Christ’s Love Affair – Part 2

Song_of_Songs_1_12-16a image

The Bridegroom gives high praises of his wife. The Bridegroom is Christ. His wife is the church body [believers].

In the verses prior it says this:

9 You, my love, excite men as a mare excites the stallions of Pharaoh’s chariots. 10 Your hair is beautiful upon your cheeks and falls along your neck like jewels. 11 But we will make for you a chain of gold with ornaments of silver.

The parallel to this means that Christ’s believers excite Him. It compares to the love between husband and wife.

The grace received from Christ’s fullness jumps about excitedly of faith, affection, and gratitude. However, Christ is most beloved to them. V. 14, [My lover is like the wild flowers that bloom in the vineyards at Engedi.], signifies “atonement or propitiation.” Christ is precious to all believers because He is the propitiation for their sins. Believers decide to allow Him to dwell in their hearts through all of the trials of their life. Christ takes joy in the good work that his grace has worked out in the souls of believers. This should join everyone who is made holy, to be truly thankful for that grace that has made them right, who by nature were damaged. The spouse (the believer) has a humble, innocent eye, finding simplicity and godly character; hearts well-informed and lead by the Holy Spirit, the blessed Dove. The church shows her value for Christ.

The believer expresses praise of the sacred commands in that true believers have fellowship with Christ. Whether the believer is in the courts of Yahweh, or in privacy; whether following his daily activity, or restricted to a sickbed, or even in a jail, a feeling of the divine presence will turn the place into a place of joy. So the soul, daily having fellowship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, enjoys an inspired hope of an honorable, clean, and unchanging legacy in Heaven for Eternity.

The ones who do so may come to him boldly, and can humbly appeal to him. Christ has a peace for them. The souls who love Jesus Christ, sincerely want to share in the benefit of his flock [fellowship/discipleship]. Turning away from Christ is what gracious souls fear more than anything else. Yahweh can and will answer prayer.

So, boldly go before Yahweh, praising and worshiping Him with all your soul, mind, and body. No matter your circumstance. He is waiting for you.

What was a time that you expressed an unfettered praise and worship to Christ? Comment and let’s chat.

I’ll comment in social media with those who interact in comments.

Christ’s Love

Song_of_Songs_1_1-6 image

Today’s starts a new series in the Book, Song of Songs.

Throughout history, many have interpreted this scripture literally to be a love affair between a man and wife. It’s a nice sentiment. However, there’s a deeper message within its words.

I’ll do my best to break it down and share its message. Feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas to add to mine.

So, v.1-6, in the image above. What does it mean?

The message is an allegory. Which means this, a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning; a metaphor, or symbol of something.

What metaphor is this message giving us?

It’s a message; a word picture, of Christ’s love for His church; the body.

To quote Matthew Henry:

“Christ’s love is more valuable and desirable than the best this world can give.”

  • The KING, Christ, the spouse of the believing (the church body)
  • The kisses of his mouth mean the confidence of forgiveness among believers are honored, filling them with peace and joy in believing, and causing them to overflow in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Loving people take most joy in loving Christ and being loved by him.
  • The name of Christ isn’t presently like ointment sealed up, but like ointment poured out; which indicates the liberty and fullness of going forward in His grace by the gospel. Those that he has delivered and blessed, here are the virgins that love Christ, and follow Him wherever He goes, (Revelation 14:4).
  • The more clearly we recognize Christ’s glory, the more reasonable will we be that we are unable to follow him well, and at the same time be more enthusiastic about doing it. Observe the quick answer given to this prayer. Those who wait at Wisdom’s gate will be led into truth and comfort. And being brought into this chamber, our griefs will vanish. We have no joy but in Christ, and for this we are bound to him. We will remember to give thanks for your love; it will make more permanent impressions in us than anything in this world. Neither is any love acceptable to Christ but love in honesty, (Ephesians 6:24).
  • The daughters of Jerusalem may mean teachers not yet verified in the faith. The wife was black as the tents of the wandering Arabs but beautiful as the magnificent curtains in the mansions of Solomon. The believer is black, as being polluted and sinful by nature, but attractive, as renewed by Divine grace to the holy image of Yahweh. The believer is still damaged with remnants of sin, but attractive as accepted in Christ. The believer is frequently vulgar and wicked in the respect of people, but great in the sight of Yahweh. The blackness was due to the harsh practice that had been endured.
  • The people of the church, but not of Yahweh, were mad with her. They had made her endure difficulties, which caused her to overlook the care of her soul. Therefore, under the image of a weak female, made the preferred wife of a prince, we are directed to observe the events in which the love of Christ is typical to finding its recipients. They were wretched slaves of sin, at work, or in grief, overworked and heavy burdened, but how great the change when the love of Christ is shown to their souls!

Christ’s love is so absolutely mind blowing awesome! It’s so amazing how this story is a symbol of Christ’s love for His children.

The symbol of love! He loves us so much He willing gave His life for us at Calvary and was crucified, then rose to live again. He took our sins upon himself so that we would have life and life more abundant in Him. (This is NOT a message of health, wealth, and prosperity.)

Where do you stand in this story of love? Comment your story, briefly, and bless others as you’re blessed in the telling.

This is part 1 of the series: Christ’s love through Song of Songs.